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Welcome to our comprehensive range of steel bearings and flange bearings – your reliable source for versatile and maintenance-free solutions.

Explore our bearing inserts, ready for assembly and easy maintenance, designed for various applications and industrial needs.

We offer a wide assortment of bearing units, including steel bearings and flange bearings with various fixation options such as setscrew, eccentric locking collar, clamp sleeve, and loose set screw.

Our selection also includes specialized categories like eccentric locking rings, covers, pillow block housings, and cylindrical bearing units, as well as 3-hole flange housings, 4-hole flange housings, round flange housings, steel housings, bearing inserts, and 2-hole flange housings.

Our steel bearings and flange bearings are engineered to meet the requirements of various industries and applications.

We provide customized options and bearing inserts in stainless steel for additional protection against corrosion and wear.

Our ball bearings are constructed with high-quality materials and the quantity of lithium grease, enabling continuous operation in an impressive temperature range from -30 to 110 °C.

With a spherical outer ring, our steel bearings make it easy to replace and compensate for angular misalignments in the construction. Re-lubrication is also possible in nearly all types.

Whether you operate in the agriculture sector, manufacturing, or transportation industry, we have the right bearing solution for you.

Explore our range of steel bearings and flange bearings, and contact our dedicated sales team for professional advice and support. We are here to ensure you get the best bearing units for your needs.